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Sound Design & Music

To meet our client's needs, we had to fulfill all post-production gaps. Gradually, we emerged as key players in the audio post front. Since starting this journey, we've been cranking out voice recordings, sound design, and composing original tunes for all platforms. We've been that key ingredient to some Gardner-White, Detroit Medical Centre, and DX Racer spots, to name a few.

We know that a great track can turn a good visual into something magical. Whether it's something to dance to or to cry over, you can trust that our audio team possesses the experience and full capabilities to enhance your compelling story through sound and music. No limits, just endless possibilities.

Sound Design
Gardner-White // Turtle time 3X Tax
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Gardner-White // 4X Tax
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DX Racer // Inspire
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DX Racer // Customize Your World
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Radio Continues Making Waves

Turn that dial, radio ads are here to stay.


We have been witnessing a comeback in radio ad production. The cost-effective approach to ad spending lets you reach targeted audiences with many benefits. It complements digital advertising and leads listeners to other platforms to get further informed. Radio ads offer flexibility in terms of timing, length, and frequency of play. With the popularity of podcasts and music apps, they can engage the intended market even more deeply. They also open a creative gateway, allowing the audience to absorb the message and let their minds envision the experience through sound.

At M2, We work on local, national, and international ads, developing efficient workflows. In doing so, we've witnessed a shift in voice-over production. We no longer require physical presence in a studio to achieve the highest quality results. With the most up-to-date equipment and our top-notch team, trust that we will bring out the best in your VO talent. 

Tailored Tunes

When composing original music, our aim is to create something that's not only personalized and resonates with your audience, but also something that sticks; something timeless that gives you that tingle. Whether it's a full-length track or an 8-second social, we're aiming to stir emotions.

We're not happy until you're hummin' that song!

Habla español?

To get even wider exposure, ad agencies are opting to dub spots in multiple languages.  This strategy not only breaks the language barrier and cuts cost; it maximizes the impact of their campaigns. It also promotes inclusivity with people from various linguistic backgrounds and cultures.


Specializing in script translation, VO scouting, and recording multilingual talent, we ensure a seamless workflow from inception to final delivery.




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